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Great Britain, 2001 World's Team Selection Series

As you should know by now the class runs it world qualifier selection series in the year before the actual event. There are 3 big advantages in doing this, it allows the class association plenty of time to organize entries and training for the worlds team and it allows competitors time to organize themselves before the big event. The other bonus is that you can have qualifiers throughout the season avoiding the need for lots of meeting early in the season.

The series is based on individual races. This year 17 races were sailed at 4 events, these being Highcliffe, Brightlingsea, the Nationals and the Inlands. A competitor has to count 50% of the races held (rounded up) whilst only being allowed to count their best 3 races from the Nationals.

There were a total of 66 boats that competed in the series. This year the people who attended Highcliffe had a massive advantage over the rest of the field. Due to the relatively small entry (15 boats) the worst score you could get for each race was 16 points for Retired. 16 points at the Nationals where the entry was 58 is a good score! The moral of the story is to go to all events if you definitely want to go to the worlds. For your further info Brightlingsea had 24 entries and the Inlands had 34.

The usual suspects appear at the top of the list but notable performances in the top 20 include Pete Turner, Bob Bourne, Alex Scoles, Paul Jewby and Sarah Brewer, all of whom have trailed and sailed harder than ever before! Keep up the good work guys.

Worlds places will be granted in order of the results. However, anyone can register an interest in going to the worlds regardless of their position on the results. This is advised because occasionally we do not fill all the places granted to us. So register now.

At the AGM the committee made an announcement that people interested in attending the worlds in Sweden (2001 Worlds) must inform the secretary before the New Year. This will enable us to make a firm commitment of numbers to OKDIA. Sweden is tipped to be the most over-subscribed worlds in recent years so make sure we know that you want to go.

Those who do not register an interest with Andy Turner in writing/e-mail before the New Year will not be invited to attend.

Similarly If you want to go to the New Zealand Worlds in January of 2002 please let Simon Shaw know before the New Year because he's sorting out (potentially if interest is good) a container direct to the event.