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Organisation of OKDIA

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How to advertise on - a leaflet with all options and prices (PDF, 186 KB)

The annual subscription is GBP 10 per member. Nations with very small membership may request a reduction.

The association is run by two committees, the main committee and a technical committee. The technical committee is informal and does not meet. Its business is carried out by post, fax or E mail. The chairman is an ex-officio member of the main committee.

The main committee is elected at the annual general meeting which is held during the world championship. Officers and members are elected for two years but at the end of their two year period are eligible for re-election.

Address of the secretary:

Robert Deaves
2 Exeter Road
United Kingdom

Payments to OKDIA:

The easiest, and often cheapest way to make payments to OKDIA is by Paypal:
If you have a Paypal account you can send payment to:
Alternatively you can pay by credit card through Paypal (not available in every country). Please request a Paypal generated invoice from or .

Bank Details:
sort code 40 26 01
account number 01330241
IBAN number GB92MIDL40260101330241
PresidentMark JacksonAUS
Vice president,
Mike WildeNZL
Vice president,
Pontus GäbelSWE
Vice president,
Andreas PichGER
SecretaryRobert DeavesGBR
TreasurerPeter RobinsonAUS
WebmasterPeter ScheuerlGER
Technical Committee (ex-officio)
Alistair DeavesNZL

The technical committee

The most recent list of members of the technical committee is listed on the technical website:

Class Documents

Governing documents of OKDIA, all technical and rule related information is on the website:

Member Survey 2023

An online survey was conducted in the first half of 2023 to get more information about what the members of OKDIA want for the future of the class.
There was a sailors survey and a class secretaries survey, both of them are found here:

Boat Documents

The following publications may be obtained from the International Secretary of OKDIA.

Building Fee Receipts (Including ISAF Hull Plaque): 65 GBP

The Class Rules refer to the Plans, you can get a printout of the plans from the okdia secretary for 15 GBP + post & packing (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK).
You can also download them for free here, note that the scan is not the best quality, but all details are readable. The plans are from 1986
These plans are to be used in conjunction with the current class rules that may supersede some of the dimensions and redefine the tolerances.
They are supplied for guidance only and the official aluminium templates take precedence. This is due to the possibility of the drawings distorting during the printing.

OK-Dinghy hull
(PDF, 1044 KB)

OK-Dinghy stem and foils
(PDF, 442 KB)

Meetings and Agendas

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year at the World Championship.
In some occasion's there are Special General Meetings at other major events.