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Great Britain, Waldringfield OK Cartoon Trophy 2013

Waldringfield SC

20th October

by Simon Cox

A small but elite (cough) fleet of boats turned up to rig in torrential rain and a thunderstorm which thankfully abated by the time we came to launch. Three back-to-back races for the highly sought after Cartoon trophy were planned ensuring the pain was over quite early!

Race one was a windward-leeward course set up river of the island. The wind coming over the cliff was shifty and gusty but the strong current ensured a very one sided beat in all races. Robert nailed the pin end on a very biased line giving himself a healthy advantage and led for most of the race. Only for Dan Ager to steal inside on the run and take the win. Robert had his excuse all ready blaming his tiller extension - loser. Simon Cox was third closely followed by Luke Farthing and Simon Shaw. All boats finished within 45 seconds.

Race two was essentially the same beat but a couple of reaches added to make a port handed P course. A bit more breeze helped Robert and Simon get a good break up the first beat and extend to finish in that order despite Simon's incompetence whilst gybing on the runs. Dan finished third.

Race three was an around the island affair with a beat, fetch, run. Robert once again nailed the biased start and sailed into a lead that neither Dan or Simon could bridge. With that Robert won the OK Cartoon for the umpteenth time. The rest of us need to sail more and get ourselves to the Deaves level of fitness to challenge next year. So more time down the pub required over the winter!

  1. 2138 Robert Deaves, WSC
  2. 2120 Dan Ager, WSC
  3. 2151 Simon Cox, WSC
  4. 2036 Luke Farthing, WSC
  5. 2137 Simon Shaw, Deben YC