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Great Britain, Waldringfield OK Easter Egg 2014

Waldringfield SC

18/19 April
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by Daniel Ager

If competitors were hoping that the late easter would make for a warmer event than in recent years, they were, certainly on the first day of the two day event out of luck.

Three boats from Waldringfield were joined by three visitors for six close races over the Friday and Saturday of the Easter weekend.

An ambitious plan to hold three races back to back coupled with long courses in a strong and cold northerly wind tested the resolve of the competitors on the Friday. Despite the length of the courses, racing was close between the first three boats and the second three. Robert Deaves ended the day with two wins and a second. Jonathan Fish getting the other win.

On Saturday the sun shone and the courses were shorter which made life much more pleasant. Fish comfortably won the first race of the morning, essentially a windward leeward course. The middle race of the day was won by Dan Ager, Fish second and Deaves third. This left the final race as the decider for the weekend. Deaves had to beat Fish and Fish had to beat Deaves. In the end after another close race it was Deaves who prevailed.

A tough couple of days racing left the top three with easter eggs to take home to their nearerst and dearest and the rest with enough time to get to the supermarket.

    12156WSCRobert Deaves1.
    22151WSCJon Fish2.01.07.0 DNF1.
    32120Dan Ager3.03.07.0 DNS3.
    42137DYCSIMON SHAW4.04.07.0 DNF4.
    52065Brightlingsea SCPaul Aldridge5.07.0 DNS7.0 DNS6.
    61966FFSCTim O'Leary6.07.0 DNS7.0 DNS5.06.07.0 DNS38.031.0