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Interdominion and New Zealand Championship 2012

Wakatere Boating Club, Auckland, New Zealand

Easter 2012 - 6th – 9th April

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Report by Erik Thompson

View from the clubhouse The view

A 15 strong team of Aussies made the journey and it was well worth it. Wakatere has a terrific outlook with a fantastic view over the beach to the channel and Rangitoto island, a volcanic island that emerged only some 500 years ago! Despite prediction of pretty bad weather, it turned out to be really pleasant with blue sky days and good breezes. The home club hospitality was outstanding, with sponsored meals almost every night, including the first night dinner at Takapuna Boating Club, home of the Clive Roberts Memorial. Even the alleged off night saw a huge BBQ! The rum bucket got a good workout and I think this Mt Gay rum may actually not be so bad after all. A huge thanks from the Australian contingent for such a well organised regatta, and so much hospitality. Special thanks to Janine and her shore team who did a great job in the office, behind the bar, on the beach and pretty much everywhere.

Prizegiving The competitors

Well done to the race management team to get us all away on all 4 days. The sailing was first rate, with lighter breezes the first 2 days but no trouble to get our races in. As the breeze increased over the next 2 days and swung around to the south and west we experienced a large version of Albert Park lake, with huge shifts around the course combined with a cracking tidal influence. Tide was a huge factor all weekend. Congratulations on Ben Morrison in particular for an outstanding regatta, looking to drop a 4th before not sailing the last race, and Paul ‘Gaucho’ Rhodes for a well-deserved 2nd. Great effort by current 3-times Australian Nationals champ Mike ‘I don’t even like rum’ Williams to get 3rd with 3 wins through the series, after a good tussle between him and Black Rock teammate Roger Blasse throughout the regatta. Great effort also from Wangi sailor Mark Skelton and Black Rock’s Mark Jackson, also in the top 10, with Eddie O'Donnell rounding out the Aus team at 16th . He was closely followed by Chris Visick at 17th and Peter Robbo Robinson at 19th. As always, plenty of small races right through the fleet and the shifts, holes and tide allowed some degree of ‘handicap’. The camaraderie was great on the water and off.

The winners

As someone from the back of the fleet on his first overseas tour, I am happy to share that I need never have hesitated about going. Great to see the Kiwi’s again after meeting quite a few of them last year in Black Rock, great to sail in a new venue and such a glorious setting, such good challenging sailing at all levels around the course, great time with the others on tour and just an all round ball. Looking forward already to next year at the Thai Worlds, and happy to have been part of such a long-standing tradition. Many thanks to Ben, Russell and all the NZ hosts.

Interdominion and New Zealand Championship 2012 Results
RankHelm NameSail NoYacht ClubNationR1
6 Apr
6 Apr
7 Apr
7 Apr
8 Apr
8 Apr
9 Apr
1Ben Morrison530Wakatere BCNZL14133141 DNS5413
2Paul Rhodes517Worser Bay BCNZL35361722720
3Mike Williams730Black Rock YCAUS121914813624
4Bradley Douglas539Wakatere BCNZL23485373224
5Roger Blasse749Black Rock YCAUS52296953829
6Luke O'Connell511Worser Bay BCNZL69747644334
7Alistair Deaves542Wakatere BCNZL71081019536243
8Mark Skelton736Wangi RSL SCAUS87621112115745
9Mark Jackson735Black Rock YCAUS412115151096651
10Russell Page-Wood526Wakatere BCNZL2115101722127958
11Mark Perrow474Wakatere BCNZL11131320813108868
12Joe Porebski523Worser Bay BCNZL98251413142911283
13Hamish Fenwick500Worser Bay BCNZL23652512162611387
14Chris Fenwick509Napier SCNZL141714181820610787
15Rob Hengst533Napier SCNZL181116162342411288
16Edward O'Donnell734Wangi RSL SCAUS1922241110112312096
17Christopher Visick708Black Rock YCAUS1030177172425130100
18Matthew HixKZWaimakariri SPBCNZL20182312201516124101
19Peter Robinson750Drummoyne SCAUS24141222211718128104
20Miles Addy482Wakatere BCNZL17211928161913133105
21Adrian Coulthard531Napier SCNZL1329182333268150117
22Peter Scheuerl618NRV/Napier SCGER1527281993520153118
23Jono Clough498Worser Bay BCNZL22251521221827150123
24Brett Graham32Wakatere BCRSA25202731142121159128
25Trent Pryce502Napier SCNZL1624203041 DNF2315169128
26Marty Weeks479Napier SCNZL31192613292914161130
27Jake Weeks490Napier SCNZL293121152641 DNF19182141
28Donald Williams727Black Rock YCAUS27282227282741 DNF200159
29MIchael Morrison501Wakatere BCNZL30262924322528194162
30Gary Lokum741Black Rock YCAUS28163236313132206170
31Peter Lynch478Wangi RSL SCAUS41 DNC41 DNC3529302817221180
32Chris Hall521Ballarat YCAUS41 DNS233026273737221180
33Jonathon O'Donnell685Wangi RSL SCAUS35343741 DNS242230223182
34Tim Smith740Black Rock YCAUS34323433253033221187
35Stephen Schmidt745Wangi RSL SCAUS33353838343422234196
36Phil Coveny492Wakatere BCNZL26383932373334239200
37Ed Goody472Napier SCNZL36333134353631236200
38Rik Thompson706Black Rock YCAUS32373335363236241204
39Nigel Comber510Wakatere BCNZL373636373841 DNF38263222
40Graham Arcus372Wakatere BCNZL38394039393835268228