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Netherlands, Spring Cup 2013

KZ&RV Hollandia

KZ&RV Hollandia, Medemblik

3 - 5 May

Report by Andreas Pich.

The Spring Cup 2013 didn't had a fleet as big as other years for two reasons, first and mainly the containers from the World Championship in Thailand did not arrive in time for the event, and second there was a well attended event at Lundeborg (DEN) where 32 competitors from northern europe competed.

Organisation of the event was perfect as always and there were conditions to suit everybody.

On Friday and Sunday winds were variable and light, with Tomasz Gaj, Andreas Pich and Simon Davis winning races.

Saturday was very windy with well over 20kn. All three races were won by Richard Burton.

Everybody enjoyed the time in Holland and the beer after racing tasted as well as ever.

Spring Cup 2013 - Results
1POL 1Tomasz Gaj13,0321(4)2212
2GBR 2118Richard Burton26,0534111(11)11
3GER 772Andreas Pich26,0155(12)9321
4GBR 2141Simon Davis29,041(7)74445
5GER 7Ralf Tietje38,01110353(dnf)33
6GER 760Andreas Deubel40,067235(ocs)710
7GBR 2121Anthony Rich55,09869(ocs)6512
8GBR 2145Tony Woods58,01561167(ocs)67
9GER 665Peter Stephan64,01212138658(19)
10GER 653Ralf Mackmann79,0241617(dnc)dnc96
11GBR 2149Martin Bower87,08159148(dnc)1914
12GER 750Dirk Dame95,0720142(ocs)ocs189
13BEL 214Paul Verrijdt102,01311151315(dnc)1718
14NED 6Peter van der Schaaf103,02123101812(dnc)154
15NED 663Stephan Veldman104,01013192110(dnc)1615
16GBR 2129Alan Atkin106,01491719(dnc)dnc148
17GER 651Heinz Ridder110,0181618(dnf)1482016
18GER 727Frank Strelow112,01618815(dnc)dnc1020
19GBR 2130Deryck Lovegrove114,0(23)2220111172221
20FRA 1823Guillaume De Kervenoael127,02019211613(dnc)2117
21BEL 220Poelman Ronny131,017171210(ocs)dncdncdnc
22GER 688Ronald Foest137,0(dnc)24232217dnc1313
23NED 652Jan Siebe de Vries142,0191422(dnf)dncdnc12dnf
24NED 638Robert Bancken148,02221242016(dnc)2322