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KZ&RV Hollandia

Netherlands, Spring Cup 2017

KZ&RV Hollandia, Medemblik

5 - 7 May

Photos (Credit to Rodney Tidd off the water and Will Loy on the Water with permissions.)

43 boats entered the OK Spring Cup this year a sizeable number considering the amount of European boats in containers on their way to Barbados for the upcoming World Championships.

Straight out the Blocks Jim Hunt, current World Champ, took the initiative with 3 bullets on day one in his new Ovington built OK. Behind him Charlie Cumbley led the chasing pack with 4 time World Champion Nick Craig remaining consistent just behind at the close of day 1.

With the well known hospitality of the Dutch the OK fleet took full advantage and many where seen Dancing the night away to a Bee Gee’s tribute band, but where were the Solo’s? After much tomfoolery, where UK Vice Chairman Dave Bourne woke up shrink-wrapped into his van and his boat suffering a similar fate in celebration of his upcoming nuptials, the fleet launched into a freshening breeze.

Richard “Burt” Burton clearly had a straight head on out the blocks and took the first bullet of the day in his Idol Composites, Idol 1 shape. Jim had something to say about this and consequently won the next 2 races demonstrating epic upwind speed, Burt managed to keep Jim honest with Charlie maintaining his consistency. Overnight it left Jim in prime spot to win and Charlie with a point lead for 2nd from Burt.

Again with some late night antics some slightly zombie like figures appeared the next morning for the conclusion of the Spring Cup with only 2 races to face. Jim demonstrated why he is World Champion and how hard he will be to beat in a few weeks winning both races. Charlie held onto 2nd in the lighter airs while Burt fought off the lightweight Craig for 3rd Overall.

The whole fleet had great fun at this stalwart venue where the social is just as important as the sailing with a chance to meet old friends and make new ones, if they can be remembered the next day that is…

Spring Cup 2017 - Results
1GBR 11Jim Hunt7,011141111
2GBR 1Charlie Cumbley16,022333222
3GBR 2183Richard Burton23,074212446
4GBR 2195Nick Craig24,043426533
5GBR 85David Kenneth Carrol37,0145754664
6GBR 69Terry Curtis46,039510531611
7GBR 21Chris Arnell57,0861071014115
8GBR 3Simon Cowood57,01679878513
9GBR 17Dave Poyane59,061186813714
10GBR 2179Tony Woods68,01112611912109
11GBR 2185Ed Bradburn76,010101214bfd9912
12GBR 13Alex Scoles77,02014131711787
13GER 803Martin van Zimmerman92,0915151612101915
14GER 790Thorsten Schmidt100,0231817151415138
15GBR 2042Luke Gower104,058149dncdnc1410
16GBR 84Ben Steel106,02213111213162021
17GER 690Carsten Sass121,01717161818211817
18GBR 67Andy Rushworth127,01532dnf1317191219
19GBR 2189Duncan Ellis130,0191918dnc15241520
20NED 667Hessel Hoekstra144,02916213021221718
21NED 670Peter vd Schaaf148,01320201931202927
22GER 791Frank Strelow152,024211925bfd262116
23GBR 18Deryck Lovegrove157,03225272020182423
24GER 784Claus Stockhardt162,03329232422172522
25BEL 230Jacques Pirenne162,02623242223232324
26GER 746Axel Fischer181,018242628bfd312826
27NED 669Sybren Hornstra181,03028253726252225
28DEN 70Bo Jensen194,02526283528292731
29GBR 2136N Logan201,0313329262528dnc29
30GBR 999Simon Davis217,02122dnf2319dncdncdnc
31GER 773Ralf Mackmann224,0dncdncdnc211611dncdnc
32GER 11Rainer Pospiech226,012272233dncdncdncdnc
33NED 609Willem Dijkstra228,03534313430333333
34GBR 2178Rodney Tidd231,02830dns27dncdnc2632
35GBR 99Andrew Martin231,0dncdncdnc2929273028
36BEL 207Francois Podevyn240,0343530323332dncdnc
37GBR 2131Sam Woods.242,0dnsdncdnc3627303130
38SWE 2786Sipke Hoekstra275,0dncdncdnc3124dncdncdnc
39GER 783Pich Andreas278,02731dncdncdncdncdncdnc
40BEL 221Philp Cowes281,0dncdncdnc393234dncdnc
41GER 651Frederik Roentgen296,0dncdncdncdnfdncdnc32dnc
42NED 668H Rijnink302,0dncdncdnc38dncdncdncdnc
43GBR 46Ken Carroll308,0dncdncdncdncdncdncdncdnc