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New Zealand, 2021 Brass Monkey

Napier Sailing Club, Napier

5 - 6 June

1st day: bright sunny winters day, bit of a wait till the eventual 6-10knt NE'er

Day 2: 12-16knot NE'er, 3 close races, early off the water, and good bbq to finish off the weekend.

2021 Brass Monkey - Results
PlcSail #NameHomeR1R2R3R4R5TotNet
1559Andy PhillipsWakatere3111174
2578Luke O'ConnellWorser Bay62222148
3579Steve McDowellWorser Bay143331410
4592Rod DavisWakatere236652216
5609John CutlerWakatere455442217
6587Gordon SimsWakatere12134574128
7601Sean ClearyWakatere8777114029
8567Chris FenwickNapier5811994231
9565Simon ProbertWakatereRET612865332
10546Thomas OldsWakatere79813124936
11583Eric RoneWakatere911101084837
12588Adrian CoulthardNapier1110911105140
13571Rob HengstNapier13121314136551
14584Trent PriceNapier1914DNC12148059
15568Dean ColemanWakatere14161416157559
16539John ShirleyNapier16151615177962
17560Tim McDowellWakatere15171518168163
18536Mike ShannanWakatere17181717DNC9069
19504Adrian ManneringNapier10DNCDNCDNCDNC9473
20531Edward GoodyNapier18191819189273

DNC, RET, BFD etc.: 21pts