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Poland, Łeba Mayors Cup

July 18th - 20th

Pictures from Thomas Glas at Google Picasaweb

by Robert Deaves

Defending world champion stamps his authority on final event before 2007 OK Dinghy World Championship.

60 competitors sailed for the Mayor’s Cup from 18-20 July in a range of testing conditions.

Only one race was managed on Wednesday when the wind disappeared shortly after the end of race one. Current world Champion Nick Craig (GBR) was the early leader and built a useful lead before being the wrong side of a massive shift that brought Luke O’Connell (NZL) to the front. Craig recovered to second.

Sailors had a much harder time on Thursday with the more expected strong winds and big seas. Three testing races were sailed which were dominated by Craig and a selection of the strong Kiwi team. Craig won two races with Mark Perrow (NZL) winning the other.

On Friday, sailors were quite glad for the four hour postponement to rest their weary limbs to allow the wind to fill in. In the afternoon, two more races were sailed in light to moderate winds and a difficult chop. Paul Rhodes (NZL) and Greg Wilcox (NZL) won these races, although a second place in the first for Craig was enough for him to take the cup with a race to spare.

This event should provide a good indication for the world championships starting Monday, although several of the key players did not sail the pre-worlds event. However Craig has proved he is still the man to beat, although he was seriously challenged by several members of the New Zealand team, which had six boats in the top 10.

1GBR-2116Craig, Nick21612511.0
2NZL-502Purdie, Karl322103616.0
3NZL-517Rhodes, Paul67361319.0
4NZL-527Perrow, Mark84129823.0
5NZL-522Wilcox, Greg465810124.0
6DEN-1364Lindhardtsen, Jorgen534518926.0
7NZL-524Stechmann, Matt75847427.0
8NZL-525Mcdowell, Steve12201334234.0
9GBR-2118Curtis, Terry98101182046.0
10GBR-2119Deaves, Robert17151213121769.0
11DEN-1324Teglers, Bo16121417301372.0
12POL-16Jarocki, Marek10181615142573.0
13DEN-1340Olsen, ChristianDNC14151425775.0
14GER-717Gronholz, Oliver11109DNF341276.0
15NZL-523Porebski, Joseph14DNF177201977.0
16NZL-474O`Connell, Luke1133116212778.0
17DEN-1335Johansen, Mogens152826DNF61590.0
18NZL-497Pryce, Trent22172219161892.0
19POL-1Gaj, Tomasz25OCS189113194.0
20GER-656Pich, Andreas18192022221695.0
21GBR-2084Meadowcroft, John292619121924100.0
22GER-665Stephan, Peter132229212335108.0
23GBR-2117Scoles, Alex20OCS25201529109.0
24POL-5Kras, Dariusz212330232426117.0
25NZL-515Wilde, Mike262727DNF2811119.0
26SWE-2767Hansson-Mild, Thomas281611DNF5 OCS121.0
27GBR-2085Waldron, Gavin352121184032127.0
28GER-726Sylvester, Jorg272924282628133.0
29GBR-2105Harris, Ian393228DNF1323135.0
30GER-731Glas, ThomasDNF1123 DNF2914138.0
31DEN-1339Borup, JonasDNC2532252730139.0
32GER-693Von Zimmermann, MartinDNF97 DNF DNF10148.0
33GER-699Hoffman, Juliane193336303540153.0
34POL-27Kania, Jakub2431DNF DNF1721154.0
35POL-47Przybysz, Bartosz3437DNF273234164.0
36POL-44Drozdzik, Radek313033DNF3637167.0
37POL-11Pezala, MaciejDSQ3534264533173.0
38POL-46Misko, Maciej363938323947184.0
39POL-190Gîrka, AdrianDSQ3635314845195.0
40POL-4Bojanowski, JerzyDNF DNF37293339199.0
41POL-101Rakocy, Bartosz2340DNF DNF3838200.0
42GER-651Ridder, Heinz424242DNF3741204.0
43POL-24Dworniczak, Jakub3043DNF DNF3142207.0
44POL-2Bajaczak, Piotr444141334949208.0
45GER-670Ries, HinnerkDNC DNF DNF24 DNF22229.0
46GBR-2125Goodhead, Neil323840DNF DNF DNF232.0
47GBR-2099Dutton, Keith3334DNF DNF46 OCS235.0
48GER-660Willmann, Bernd41OCS39 DNF DNF36238.0
49POL-45Falczynski, Piotr38DNF DNF DNF4144245.0
50GER-404Willmann, Tobias4044DNF DNF5050245.0
51POL-113Gruszka, Sebastian37DNF DNF DNF4746252.0
52POL-61Szpinalski, Jaroslaw47DNF DNF DNF4343255.0
53POL-81Czyz, Waldemar43DNF DNF DNF4448257.0
54GER-497Meilenbrock, Rolf4845DNF DNF5252258.0
55GBR-2120Ager, DanDNF24 DNF DNF DNF DNF268.0
56GER-33Knorr, Sebastian45DNF DNF DNF5151269.0
57GER-357Gerbig, RalfDNF DNF DNF DNF4253278.0
58POL-649Ruban, Szymon46DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF290.0
59POL-247Durajski, Jan49DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF293.0
60GER-41Warnecke, EricDNF DNF DNF DNF DNF DNF305.0

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