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Sweden, Stenungsund 2009


18 - 19 April

by Greg wilcox

The spring regatta in Stenungsund was held over 2 days, the 18th and 19th of April. There were 35 entries however a few decided it was too cold or they were too old so 30 boats turned up.

The first days racing was held under sunny skies and a reasonable temperature of around 11 degrees. The course was the trapezoid type favoured by classes with a lot of time on their hands. We shared the course with Europe men and Europe women. The race officer had real problems to align the course properly and obviously decided that if he looked at it long enough it would sort itself out. Not to be. To be fair it was a quite shifty place as we were in a Sound. Still the waiting period was overly long.

Thomas won all 3 races on the first day however it was a bit closer than the results showed apart from the first race where most of the fleet were asleep waiting for the europes 4th general recall start when the OK flag (hidden on the committee boat) suddenly appeared.

Jan-Eric Nystedt and Christian Hedlund had consistent days along with Greg Wilcox. The others where a bit up and down. 73 year old Peter Aebeloe showed that you are never too old to return to the class after a long break with his comeback regatta being a big success for him.

Sunday was cold and windy. Only the tough went out. Actually it was a bit cold and the 5km upwind to the start line in 18knts was long but not too bad. However almost any excuse was heard to remain onshore. The best was a prominent danish sailmaker who complained he could not launch as there was an optimist in his way on the ramp. The softies drank coffee on the club house.

After the inevitable wait (only one hour this time) we started in around 15-18knts. Thomas was at this time on his way back to the course after a trip ashore to relieve himself. (drysuits are not good for this) Bengt Stromberg led at the first mark from Jan-Eric Nystedt (who always went the right way up the first beat) and Greg Wilcox (never the right way). Greg was first at the bottom mark and was never headed. Jan-Erik Engholm stormed through to 2nd to hold out a fast finishing Thomas.

Thomas and Greg decided that another hour wait for a 35 minute race was not worth it so they left the others to it for the last race.(was a great 5km run back with the wind increasing) Hans Elkjaer won from Jan-Eric with Jonas Andersson sailing well for 3rd.

The Swedish fleet seems to be growing after some stagnant years. It appears the great Bo-Staffan Anderson is also making a comeback this year for the Kalmar Worlds. He could not sail in Stenungsund due to a family illness but I am sure he will be at his best come July.

Many thanks to the Swedish for their hospitality. It was a very nice event in a stunning location. I can recommend this regatta to anyone who can make it.

Stenungsund 2009 - Results
1SWE 100Thomas Hansson-Mild1113DNS
2NZL 522Greg Wilcox8221DNS
3SWE 66Jan-Eric Nystedt26742
4SWE 99Hans Elkjaer137861
5DEN 1368Christian Hedlund43610DNC
6SWE 2782Jan-Erik Engholm16432DNC
7SWE 2772Ingemar Janson3211196
8SWE 2746Stefan Fagerlund9204167
9SWE 2743Lennart Hansson71121128
10SWE 2770Jonas Andersson20231273
11SWE 222Per Jaensson181317510
12SWE 123Max Nystedt122823811
13SWE 2599Lasse Hansson101720189
14SWE 11Bengt Strömberg232716134
15DEN 1265Malte Pedersen1519151412
16DEN 4Jørgen Holm1455DNCDNC
17SWE 2741Ulf DagerbrantOCS9DNF115
18SWE 2672Bengt Larsson5822DNCDNC
19GER 225Juliane Hofmann11169DNCDNC
20SWE 2591Arne MalmDNS24241513
21SWE 111Bertil Eliasson191210DNCDNC
22SWE 2780Claes Ahlström221013DNCDNC
23SWE 2740Karl-Johan Östh211414DNCDNC
24SWE 64Jonas Lindahl615DNFDNCDNC
25NOR 467Jens Makholm172219DNCDNC
26SWE 2721Peter Rudblom26262717DNC
27SWE 2019Magnus Gillgren242518DNCDNC
28SWE 2710Anders WiddingOCS302519DNS
29SWE 2738Peter AebeloeOCS1826DNCDNC
30SWE 77Björn Gustafsson2529DNFDNCDNC
31DEN 1363Bo Staffan AnderssonDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC
31DEN 1366Svend Erik MolbechDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC
31DEN 1364Jørgen LindhardtsenDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC