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Belgian Ranking 1996

The OKEE TROFEE is a Belgian year trophy designed to encourage regular regatta participation. The results are based on the most popular regattas (excluding the Belgium Open). For each regatta in which they participated the sailors receive a number of points equal to their placing, which are added and the one with the lowest number of points wins.

1Alex SchoenmakersB9172
2Vic AbbeloosB2692
3Jos ClaessensB16115
4Bart BomansB44123
5Pieter De BondtB110126
6Jan HuybrechtsB65127
7Franz HawerB177128
8Joris ClaesB56133
9Jozef De RidderB5142
10Jan Van DriesscheB161143
11Kris LauwersB?144
12Paul BoutsB203146
13Richard HugerB104154
14Christophe ColleB165156
15Patrick LaumansB77156
16Patrick NettenB77157
17Ronald MendonckB165159
18Michel WoutersH539160
19Tim SchoenmakersH539162