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Great Britain, Frensham Pond 2000

OKs at Frensham (4th June)

Courtesy: Greg Casey

Sponsored by Vision Express

Frensham Pond welcomed the OKs to great sailing weather with force 2-3 sunshine and 4 very well run races by race officer Dan Shaw. Generous sponsorship by Vision Express meant that there were �hundreds of designer sunglasses to be won.

Several were confused by the timing of race 1 giving an early lead to Deryck Lovegrove from Rod Tidd. Local sailor Nick Craig pulled through from the back to win from Gavin Waldron, Tidd and Lovergrove.

The wind increased for race 2 to planing weather with Craig extending a large lead. Tidd was clearly liking his new Rushworth OK and got the better of Waldron with Lovegrove again 4th ahead of Malcolm Wenman.

With lighter winds again, Craig secured the open with another win. Waldron opened a gap on Tidd with a 2nd to Tidds 5th. Lloyd Walker, fomerly a leading RS400 sailor, was finding good speed in the OK as well with a 3rd ahead of the ever consistent Lovegrove.

Craig lent his boat to 17 year old local Laser sailor David Royse in race 4. Royse showed his talents to set the early pace before Waldron moved in to take a large win and 2nd overall. Royse held 2nd ahead of Walker, Lovegrove and Wenman.

  1. Nick Craig Frensham Pond 3 points
  2. Gavin Waldron Upper Thames 5 points
  3. Rod Tidd Overy Staithe 10 points
  4. Lloyd Walker Halfway 12 points
  5. Deryck Lovegrove Kingsmead 12 points
  6. Malcolm Wenman BA 15 points