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Great Britain, Results 2002

Ardleigh Sailing Club

21th September 2002

The penultimate event in the OK Dinghy Eastern Area Series was sailed at Ardleigh Sailing Club on 21 September. Visitors from as far afield as Stafford converged for three exciting races in an extremely shifty and variable breeze.

Neil Goodhead led at the first mark from Robert Deaves and went on to win by a considerable margin. Deaves slipped back and eventually recovered to third while Mike Edwards took second. Race two started with a large shift which meant the line couldn't be laid on starboard. Deaves tacked on the pin and led away from the line and for the next two laps. However the wind didn't co-operate and abandoned him in a hole while half the fleet sailed past. Goodhead again won with Edwards second and Will Turner in third. The final race was even more difficult with a breeze dying towards the end to leave a long procession. For the final race, it was again Goodhead followed by Edwards with Simon Shaw in third for most of the race until being overtaken by Peter Turner in the closing stages.

Ardleigh Results
1Neil GoodheadGBR 2108South Staffs2
2Mike EdwardsGBR 2107South Staffs4
3Robert DeavesGBR 2081Dabchicks8
4Andy TurnerGBR 2054Ardleigh8
5Peter TurnerGBR 2059Ardleigh9
6Ken CarrollGBR 2001Deben10

OKs at Waldringfield - Cartoon Trophy

September 7th/8th 2002

by Andy Turner

The OK open meeting at Waldringfield was well supported this year and some very close racing was enjoyed by all particularly on the Saturday when a south westerly force 2 was blowing.

In race 1 Dave Carroll was first round the windward mark followed by Will Turner, then Andy Turner. Will moved into the lead on round 2 and Andy into second with Dave having a few navigational problems. The final beat of the third round involved some very close tacking and covering. Will Turner just got to the finish line first to be greeted with a deathly silence from the race committee. Dave Carroll was therefore first with Andy Turner second and Ian Harris third.

Race 2 after lunch involved a short beat and long fetch down river and a very long run all the way back by this time against the tide. Will Turner was off the line very quickly and established a good lead with John Ball second and Terry Curtis third. On the long run Dave Carroll pulled through to second while Ian Harris tried some swimming practice which out him out of contention. Ken Carroll showed good downwind speed in his newly acquired O'Donnell boat. On the last run Will Turner succumbed to the rolling it into windward habit and lost his lead to Dave Carroll. Will finished second with Terry Curtis third.

Race 3 on Sunday finally got away after a three hour wait for signs of wind. Andy Turner was fast off the side line but had to go back to round a rather oddly positioned mark which let Ian Harris into the lead. Ian sailed off into the distance using local knowledge to good effect. David Rose was back in an OK for many years and was up with the leaders. After a rather long and very boring drift Ian Harris crossed the line first, Andy Turner second and Ken Carroll third.

Results Cartoon Trophy

  1. 2 pts Dave Carroll (GBR 2106) Deben YC
  2. 4 pts Ian Harris (GBR 2049) Bristol Corinthian
  3. 4 pts Andy Turner (GBR 2054) Ardleigh
  4. 7 pts Ken Carroll (GBR 2001) RYA
  5. 9 pts Terry Curtis (GBR 2101) Upper Thames
  6. 10 pts Simon Shaw (GBR 2065) Deben YC

Open meeting at Frensham Pond SC

18 OK'S attended the 2002 open meeting at Frensham Pond SC, we were greeted with a wonderful breakfast supplied by the long suffering Mrs Craig (Nicks mum, not wife).We set out to races 1 & 2 which were held back to back in a force 2 - 3, positions changed many times within the fleet but left Craig as overall leader after winning both races.

After lunch races 3 & 4 commenced in pouring rain and dropping wind,Craig won race 3 then also went on to win race 4 after swapping into Neil Goodhead's 33year old boat,Goodhead had his worst result all day (who said old boats can't be competetive). Once packed away, all competitors enjoyed one of Frensham's famous teas.

Thanks must go to Frensham Pond for yet another well organised and enjoyable event.

Results Frensham Pond

  1. Nick Craig - GBR 2103
  2. Terry Curtiss - GBR 2101
  3. Neil Goodhead - GBR1335
  4. Gavin Waldren - GBR 2085
  5. Mike Edwards - GBR 2093

OK Eastern Area Championship - Herne Bay Sailing Club

4th 5th August 2002

A smaller than expected, but highly competitive fleet of OKs arrived at Herne Bay Sailing Club over the weekend of 4/5 August for the Eastern Area Championships. The weekend was characterised by stormy cyclonic conditions which made the race officer's job a nightmare. Saturday saw three thunderstorms pass close by, a succession of heavy showers and windshifts to match.

After a two hour wait, race one commenced with Will Turner starting at what appeared to be the unfavoured end and crossing the fleet by about 200 metres. However he hadn't read his sailing instructions and led round the wrong leeward mark with a 200 metre lead only to see it evaporate when the rest of the fleet sailed round the correct one 100 metres to windward. Then halfway up the next beat, a big windshift and an unobservant fleet sailed right past the windward mark and ended up reaching back in. However Greg Casey was more observant and took the lead...only to sail in the opposite direction to the next leeward mark, which had now become a reach. Ian Harris and Robert Deaves gybed at the windward mark with Robert getting away first to lead at the final mark and win the race. (This after hitting the pin mark and another boat at the start, doing turns and starting last by a long, long way!) The early leader, Will Turner finished last.

Race two started in virtually no wind as the boats tried to find pressure to get off the starting line. Robert Deaves and Andy Turner found pressure to the right, while Will Turner found more in the middle. Most of the rest of the fleet stayed parked on the line for the next five minutes. Will Turner led round the first mark followed by Robert Deaves and Andy Turner. These places stayed the same until another thunderstorm increased and veered the wind and made for a one tack beat. Terry Curtis then pulled through to third. Overnight Deaves was leading, with seven of the boats behind him on equal scores with 11 points.

Sunday opened with more storms passing by and virtually no wind. After a 5 hour wait, people started to pack up, and then a light breeze filled in to start the final race within 30 minutes of the time deadline. A perfect port tack start and a drag race to the right hand corner saw Greg Casey lead from Will Turner. Will then overtook Greg on the run to lead to the finish and take the championship with Greg in second and Bob Bourne in third. The fourth race was cancelled because it was now beyond the time limit for starting another race.

Eastern Area Championship Results
1Will TurnerGBR 2045Ardleigh SC2
2Robert DeavesGBR 2081Dabchicks SC3
3Greg CaseyGBR 2093Bexhill SC7
4Ian HarrisGBR 1990BCYC7
5Bob BourneGBR 2098Up River YC7
6Terry CurtisGBR 2101Upper Thames SC7
7Dave BourneGBR 2071Blue Circle SC9
8Andy TurnerGBR 2054Ardleigh11
9Alan AtkinGBR 2053Burghfield SC13
10Paul JewbyGBR 2095Ardleigh SC18

OK Southern Area Championships - Parkstone YC

6th 7th July 2002

By Robert Deaves

The 2002 OK Southern Area Championships returned to Parkstone YC over the 6th and 7th of July to be treated to an example of how racing should be run. The race team set four excellent courses inside Poole Harbour over the weekend and displayed cracking race management skills. A competitive fleet of 18 boats competed for the Parkstone Trophy.

However it started with drifting condition, with no racing looking likely. But after a 2 hour wait, a brisk south-easterly kicked in and racing got underway. Nick Craig was the early leader in race one, but a capsize on the second triangle followed by disorientation sent him off to the wrong mark and allowed Terry Curtis into the lead to win by a boatlength. Robert Deaves followed round in third, until losing it to Gavin Waldron just yards from the finish. Race two followed much the same pattern. Robert Deaves led for the first triangle, but Craig's speed soon put him in front and he went onto win. Deaves maintained second place until yards from the finish, when Terry Curtis came through on a shift to take second place by less than a second.

Sunday's races were sailed in about the same conditions - a shifty 3-4 inside the harbour. Gavin Waldron was the early leader followed by a pack of 5 boats. Craig was again soon in front to build a large lead. A shift up the second beat and a good run saw Robert Deaves move up to second followed by Terry Curtis. However a shift the other way on the third beat put him back in fourth, while Gavin Waldron took third.

With Terry Curtis sailing home, the meeting went to Craig and the battle was between Gavin Waldron and Robert Deaves for third overall. Round the first mark it was Dave Bourne followed by Robert Deaves and Nick Craig. Nick Craig soon moved to the front to win by a large margin while Deaves and Bourne battled all the way round. Waldron was always only one shift away and these three boats finished in that order within 10 seconds of each other after an hour and a half hard racing.

Southern Area Championships Results
1Nick CraigGBR 210?Frensham Pond SC3
2Terry CurtisGBR 2101Upper Thames SC5
3Robert DeavesGBR 2081Dabchicks SC9
4Gavin WaldronGBR 2085Upper Thames SC10
5Dave BourneGBR 2071Blue Circle SC14
6Will TurnerGBR 2045Ardleigh SC18
7Andy TurnerGBR 2054Ardleigh SC18
8Dan AgerGBR 2100Waldringfield SC28
9Peter WibroeDEN 1292Upper Thames SC29
10Deryck LovegroveGBR 2104Kingsmead SC30
11Peter TurnerGBR 2059Overy Staithe SC31
12Bob BourneGBR 2098Up River YC34
13Simon ShawGBR 2065Deben YC35
14Colin PageGBR 1927Island SC37
15Alan AtkinGBR 2053Burghfield SC40
16Anthony RichGBr 2007Upper Thames SC43
17Greg CaseyGBR 2093Bexhills SC46
18Mike EdwardsGBR 2107South Staffs SC54

Overy Staithe

Report by Robert Deaves

Perfect conditions greeted the 15 competitors for the annual OK Open meeting at Overy Staithe Sailing Club on the north Norfolk coast over the weekend of 29/30 June.

An unusually late start time of 9.00 am saw two races sailed inside the harbour in a gusty 3-4 and brilliant sunshine. After one general recall, the black flag appeared and Andy Turner, starting at the pin end, lead from start to finish. Peter Wibroe and Will Turner followed him round in procession with the boats behind fighting over fourth place. Turner again led at the windward mark in race two, however Robert Deaves risked losing his rudder on the sandbank and took the lead on the run to lead throughout to win. Peter Turner, caught Rod Tidd at the last mark to steel second place.

After some wonderful local hospitality, Sunday dawned with considerably more wind, although the sea had calmed down allowing two superb races outside the harbour. Andy Turner, showing slightly more pace upwind won both races from Robert Deaves. Tactically the left paid inshore out of the tide, so the races were somewhat processional, the only interest arriving when tacking on the left hand corner, which also happened to be on top of the bar, with large rolling waves testing boat handling skills to the maximum.

Overy Staithe Results:

  1. Andy Turner GBR 2054
  2. Robert Deaves GBR 281
  3. Peter Wibroe DEN 1292
  4. Pete Turner GBR 2059
  5. Rod Tidd GBR 2096
  6. Alan Atkin GBR 2053
  7. Alex Scoles GBR 2021
  8. Will Turner GBR 2045
  9. Neil Goodhead GBR 2069
  10. Simon Shaw GBR 2065
  11. Dave Cooper GBR 1918
  12. Mike Edwards GBR 1984
  13. Paul Jewby GBR 2095
  14. Simon Turner GBR 1987
  15. John Fish GBR 1999

Henley Sailing Club

16th June 2002

Single-handed Open

Overcast sky greeted competitors from as far away as Black Rock SC in Melbourne, at Henley Sailing Club’s Single-handed Open Meeting on 16th June, however there was enough wind to result in a capsize in the tricky river conditions as the wind gusted from most directions sometimes at the same time, as well as disappearing altogether at some places giving some very close racing and very close final results.

Due to the poor turnout last year other single-handed dinghies had been invited to the meeting which had up to now been exclusively for OKs. Happily this year the OKs outnumbered the other classes as well as showing them the way round. Thanks to the visitors for making the effort.

At the first mark in the first race Gavin Waldron led and pulled away for the first lap before being reeled in by Steve Gent and Garth Thompson. Chris Gent and J Manning (Phantom) also showed a clean pair of heels to the pack to finish in that order after some close racing amongst themselves.

After an excellent ploughman’s lunch (named from ploughing rudders and centreboards through the mud??) and a couple of beers, a new course including a loop to give some beating in the widest and windiest part of the river was a success by the race officer giving the competitors the best possible racing in the conditions, and allowing Mick Haig to finally wash his hangover away (even though he claims not to have touched the water!!). Steve Gent took an early lead followed by Ian Harris, following a family tradition started by his father in law in the early 1970’s (when Tom/Graham Pearce was still at school!). The two boats pulled away and swapped places a number of times before Harris pulled away. On the final lap as the wind increased Waldron used his lard to pass Gent to finish in that order with apprentice Aussie Tom Pearce next in his Laser. Luckily he had left his Aussie team drinking shirt from the Worlds back home, but he does seem to have assimilated into the Port Philip Bay type of sailing and has forgotten what it was like at his old club.

With the series wide open going into the final race Harris led from the start and was never passed to take the race and the meeting. Waldron, Manning and Pearce had some very close racing but could not quite get up to the leader. Mick Haig finally got the hang of the conditions but was passed by Gent coming through the fleet very well after a bad start to finish behind Harris, Waldron and Manning, with Haig next.

Henley Results
1I HarrisOK 1900Bristol Corinthian SC2
2S GentOK 1859Henley SC4
3G WaldronOK 2085Upper Thames SC4
4J ManningPhantom 772Henley SC7
5G ThompsonOK 2009Henley SC8
6C GentOK 1743Henley SC8
7T PearceLaser 20666Black Rock SC11
8M Haig OK 2086Upper Thames SC
9C StitsonLaser 108846Henley SC
10R CooperOK 2074Upper Thames SC

OKs at Tees

Report by: Simon Shaw

Following a lower than average attendance, saturdays racing at Tees ok open was held in choppy sea with an offshore force 5-6 giving excellent planing conditions. All three races were dominated by Speckie Craig with Andy Turner and Neil Goodhead following behind. After a hard days sailing the fleet headed out for a wild night of beers, curry and nightclubs except for love smitten Nick Craig who decided to treat his new girlfriend Helen to a romantic meal, followed by an early night (ten o clock) with a cup of hot chocolate in his luxury hotel room.

By sunday morning the wind had changed to an increasing onshore wind making sailing even better than the previous day but due to low tide racing didn't get started until 1400hrs.This allowed new man Craig to spend yet more time with the future Mrs Craig. It is rumoured that they went to mass at the local church followed by a tour of the maritime museum, Craig then went on to win ´┐Żboth of sundays races with Turner taking 2nd and Goodhead 3rd.

Thanks must go to Tees & Hartlepool YC for running such an excellent event and especially to Keith Barker and family for accommodating most of the fleet.

Tees Results:

  1. GBR 2094 - NICK CRAIG
  2. GBR 2054 - ANDY TURNER


Report by Robert Deaves

Sailed in unusually nice weather, the annual Easter Egg trophy for OK Dinghies was held at Waldringfield Sailing Club from March 30 to April 1. A very competitive fleet sailed five races over the three days in generally moderate winds and strong tides.

Four different race winners ensured that the meeting went down to the wire with David Carroll and Robert Deaves dominating the fleet. Will Turner won the first race by a significant margin, getting clear air whilst those behind squabbled in each others1 wind shadows. Turner initially led the second race (although he was OCS) before being caught by Deaves on the middle lap. The third race went to Carroll after a long tussle with Deaves and a tacking duel up to the finish line.

Apart from a few tacks, Andy Turner led all the way round for race four and Carroll was a sure second until the final fetch to the finish when some bad air affected him and Deaves sailed through him to windward.

So it went down to a final showdown. A 720 on the start put Deaves a long way back and with Carroll leading it looked like a done deal. Using some old local knowledge, Deaves hit left and emerged at the windward mark in second, just behind Carroll. A drag race ensued with Carroll pulling ahead, but on the next beat Deaves again went left to significantly reduce the gap. A shortened course saw Carroll win by about 10 boatlengths. Andy Turner pulled through to fifth to claim third overall.

This regatta was the first event for the new David Rose/Skipper OK hull, a new concept in OK design and it will be interesting to watch developments over the coming months.

Waldringfield Results
Plc.SkipperBoat no.ClubR1R2R3R4R5total
1David CarrollGBR 2106Deben YC221316
2Robert DeavesGBR 2081Dabchicks SC512227
3Andy TurnerGBR 2054Ardleigh SC10361515
4Gavin WaldronGBR 2085Upper Thames9437317
5Dan AgerGBR 2100Waldringfield SC3944718
6Peter TurnerGBR 2059Ardleigh SC6656623
7Ian HarrisGBR 1990BCYC8875424
8Chris MorganGBR 2001Deben YC47881127
9Simon ShawGBR 2065Deben YC7599829
10Will TurnerGBR 2045Ardleigh1910101130

OKs at British Airways

Report by: Robert Deaves

The opening event of the OK traveller circuit was held at British Airways Sailing Club on Sunday 17th March in very shifty and fitful winds. There were 12 boats in attendance. Still recovering from the shock of receiving the princely sum of £1 for trading in his car, Nick Smells from Frensham took the meeting with three wins. However things did not always go to plan. Inadvertently letting go of his boat when launching before the start of race two, Smells was then seen running to the next pontoon downwind before swan diving into the water complete with his shades still on to rescue his craft. And if that wasn?t enough, he then fell out backwards whilst leading race three after his toestraps failed.

Second place overall went to Robert Deaves from Dabchicks Sailing Club who scored three second places. Narrowly beating Andrew Boatman in race one and Sarah Doris in race two after his mast gate failed. He won the third start and led the race for several rounds before letting the faster, and strangely luckier, Smells, through to win. Third place was a fight between Doris and Boatman. With a third and fourth between them in the first two races, it went down to the wire for the last race. Neither could quite get into the top three and with Boatman capsizing on the penultimate run, Doris finished fifth in the race and third overall having beaten Boatman in the second race tiebreak.

British Airways Results:

  1. GBR 2104 Nick Smells 2 points
  2. GBR 2081 Robert Deaves 4
  3. GBR 2090 Sarah Doris 7
  4. GBR 2101 Andrew Boatman 7