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Great Britain, Easter Egg Trophy at Waldringfield 2005

26th / 28th March 2005

The 2005 Easter Egg regatta - for real easter Eggs - at Waldringfield was plagued by light and patchy winds and strong spring tides that made for interesting, if taxing racing conditions.

Race one on Saturday afternoon was started in 5 knots against a flood tide. Robert Deaves used his local knowledge to sail up the right hand shore while most of the fleet went left. Opening up a considerable lead he led all the way to the shortened finish on the next lap. Terry Curtis finished second followed by Ian Harris. The second race of the day was cancelled when the wind completely gave up.

Sunday saw slightly more wind in the morning with two short races back to back. John Meadowcroft made the best of the wierd first beat to lead all the way round. Harris was clear second for a while but Jonathan Fish and Deaves made the best of the run to move up to second and third. The day's second race was similar with Meadowcroft leading early on before Harris took the lead. However everything changed on the final beat in a dying wind. Deaves found more wind to the right and took the lead into the finish followed by Harris and Meadowcroft.

For the third race of the day, the start line was in perhaps the strongest part of the now ebbing tide and less than 5 knots of wind, with many boats struggling to actually cross the start line. Again Deaves split from the fleet and banged right, leading round the first mark from Curtis and Harris. Deaves led all the way with Curtis closing up on the beats but losing offwind. Harris recovered from a little expedition up a creek to find no way out to finally finish third.

Monday's conditions were little better with a long beat followed by an excruciating run against the flood tide. Fish led most of the way, only to be caught by Deaves at the end of the run. Fish recovered to win from Deaves and Meadowcroft.

1Robert DeavesGBR 2081113125
2John MeadowcroftGBR 20726314311
3Terry CurtisGBR 21012442dnc12
4Jonathan FishGBR 21103273114
5Ian HarrisGBR 21053273614
6Dan AgerGBR 21004555418
7Simon ShawGBR 20657766524

Webmasters comment: The result and points for Jonathan Fish seem to be wrong, but they were provided like this.