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Great Britain, Ranking 1996

Report and results courtesy Chris Biscomb.

The British Class association runs a ranking list that is based on ten selected meetings. The list is updated after each meeting that qualifies. Meetings are weighted according to the importance that the class places on the venue.

The Current Ranking (29-4-96) is as below.

Pl.NameSail NoTotal Points
1Gavin Waldron208070.25
2Hedley Fletcher207365.5
3Andy Rushworth206758
4Keith Byers207650.75
5Chris Biscomb203648.75
6Terry Curtis207448.25
7Giles Hudson205646.125
8Greg Casey206044.25
9Mary Reddyhoff205844.25
10David Carroll198541.125
11B Croome203339
12Chris Chatfield204638
13Neil Goodhead196937.15
14Alistair Deaves201033.75
15John Owen205231
16Ken Carroll205429.875
17Adrian Dumbleton199728.25
18Alan Atkin207127.125
19Rodney Thorne140427.125
20Dan Ager200724.375
21Bob Bourne207524
22David Rose205924
23Rod Kershaw202622.5
24John Siggers206120.5
25Nick Craig204220
26Andy Williams204719.5
27Justine Davenport204319.375
28Mike Edwards198419
29Rob Hengst202418
30Eric Scoble195918
31Simon Shaw203917
32Paul Frey202016
33Mark Barnes207514.5
34David Bourne200314.5
35Don Andrews206413.5
36James Wells204113.25
37Simon Deeks203112.25
38Martin Jaggs198812
39J Ball196811.5
40M Grinter131811.5
41R Lowe204811
42Robert Deaves199310
43Helen Deaves19579.125
44Simon Begley20488.5
45Rod Tidd19798.25
46Paul Williams19738
47R Sims20324