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Great Britain, Traveller Series 1999

Report and results courtesy Greg Casey.

The OK travellers series adds up the points from each competitors best 8 open meetings, with extra points awarded at big events. The OKs have had 18 open meetings all over the country over the season at varied locations - from tidal sailing at Overy Staithe, pond sailing at Stewartby to gales and massive seas at Shoreham. Something for everyone on this calendar.

Winner of the series was 6 times National Champion Hedley Fletcher who won 5 open meetings this season. Nick Craig was 2nd overall, winning most of the big events but only doing 7 opens so missing out on some points. Greg Casey had one of his best years yet with consistent top 5 results throughout the season including 5th at the Nationals. Terry Curtis has been another consistent performer with a win at British Airways and 4th at the Nationals putting him 5th overall.

Best traveller of the year was Gavin Waldron who did 13 meetings and went faster and faster as the season went on, finishing 5th in the travellers and 6th at the nationals showing that practice does pay! "Team Turner" have also been big travellers doing 11 meetings. Andy Turner was 6th overall with 3 open meeting wins. Will Turner was leading Junior in 10th and young Pete Turner finished an excellent 14th.

Open meetings were also won by James Wells, Robert Deaves and Dave Carroll showing just how close OK sailing is with many people able to win open meetings.

Best newcomer to the circuit is Colin Slevin who has gone from the back of the fleet to beating open meeting sailors within the year. He did 9 open meetings which earned him 18th overall in the travellers.

1Hedley Fletcher (Burton)
2Nick Craig (Frensham Pond)
3Greg Casey (Bexhill)
4Terry Curtis (Upper Thames)
5Gavin Waldron (Upper Thames)
6Andy Turner (Overy Staithe)
7Alan Atkin (Upper Thames)
8Mike Edwards (South Staffs)
9Peter Wibroe (Denmark)
10Will Turner (Overy Staithe)
13thJustine Edwards (Burwain) 1st Lady