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OKs at Weymouth 1999

4th Worlds Qualifier

The OKs had their 4th and final World Qualifier on 15-16th May at Weymouth Sailing Club, where we received a very friendly welcome and excellent race management. Saturday morning promised excellent sailing with a force 4 with large waves. However, again it was not to be with the wind dying to virtually nothing as soon as the fleet started the 1st race! These conditions remained for the whole weekend.

Peter Wibroe from Denmark was the early leader of the 1st race closely pursued by Nick Craig. The wind kept spinning, with the run turning into a beat! Nick Craig found new wind to win from Wibroe, Mike Edwards, Greg Casey and Justine Edwards, going very fast in the light airs.

The wind was steadier for the 2nd race but remained light. The wind filled in from the left up the 1st beat which gave Gavin Waldron an early lead from Graham Pearce. With the wind dying to almost nothing, the course was shortened up the 2nd beat. Craig and Wibroe pulled through to the front and had a very close tacking duel. Whilst this was going on Casey, Pearce and Waldron found new wind out right to threaten for the lead. Craig did just enough to hold on from Casey, Pearce, Wibroe and Waldron.

Sundays racing was delayed as the wind kept swinging, allowing a few sore heads to recover. Eventually it settled to a shifty force 1 with glorious sunshine making the conditions bearable. Again Waldron found new wind on the left side of the 1st beat to set up a large early lead. Craig was in pursuit and caught Waldron near the end of the last beat. Casey almost slipped through as Craig and Waldron battled for the lead, but came in 3rd. Mike Edwards beat Wibroe by inches on the finish line to claim 4th.

The wind remained fickle for the last race. This time the wind filled in from the right up the 1st beat giving Wibroe a large lead from Simon Shaw and Craig. Craig chased Wibroe who held out to win by a comfortable margin. Justine Edwards showed excellent speed and tactics to pull through to 3rd, followed by Shaw, Hedley Curtis and Waldron.

1Nick CraigFrensham Pond3
2Peter WibroeDenmark7
3Greg CaseyWhitstable9
4Gavin WaldronUpper Thames13
5Mike EdwardsBurwain13
6Justine EdwardsBurwain16