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Finland Nationals 2000

19-20.8.2000 Rullaniemi, Espoo

By Pietari Visanti

Day 1
First day was sailed in tricky and hard west wind between 8-13 m/s. Matti and Pietari Visanti had a good fight and the hard wind favoured Pietari taking 2 wins. 3rd race was very close and the difference in the finishline was less than 1 meter. Behind them Veikko Rihu finished 3rd for solid three times. Samu Ampuja was the only casualty of the day taking a nosedive in the middle of second race. He had a loaned boat that had been fixed all morning (not enough apparently) and was only starting to get used to it, so it was no great shame. All the races were sailed in extended olympic course so that start and finishline were the same allowing the next race to continue quickly after another.

Day 2
Second day was sailed in light or medium south wind between 3-6 m/s. Light and shifty winds favoured Matti Visanti and he took 2 tight wins and 1 easy win. In the 6th race Pietari still had the chance for winning the championship but messed up his start crossing the startline last and finishing 3rd. Tricky winds shifted all the time and it was usual that positions ghanged a lot during the race. Rauli Parkkali tried all day to get past Veikko Rihu to 3rd but Veikkos last finish to 2nd was too much.

It was very nice weekend with different winds for everybody. Lot of sunshine and of course sauna afterwards in the beautiful clubhouse that had just been renovated. We were aiming to get 11-12 boats to the startline but as usual some old stars couldnt make it. Maybe next year as always.

1Matti Visanti385 Jollarit1221116
2Pietari Visanti407 Jollarit2112238
3Veikko Rihu115Uki33374215
4Rauli Parkkali425Jollarit44DNF33418
5Jyrki Suikkanen208Jollarit55457625
6Samu Ampuja343Nasijarvi6DNFDNC45528
7Esko Rihu438UkiDNCDNCDNC66735