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Poland, Nationals 1998

Mielno, 20-23. August 1998

This year the Polish Nationals were held in Mielno, a small city between the Jamno lake and the Baltic See. We were racing on the lake. There were standard course as during the Europeans, (START-1-2-3-1-3-FINISH). The racing area was planned on a bigger part of the lake about 1 km from the port.

20 August

Race 1

The wind was light : 1-2 Beaufort. At mark 1 Sandro Myszkowski (POL 75) was first but afterwards he capsized. Boguslaw was first at mark 3 after the first lap and he won this race.

Race 2

When we were going back after the finish of race 1, the wind completely changed its direction (about 180 degrees), and began to weaken. The committee decided to change the course after race 1. After a general recall, the committee changed the course again. After the start, we made a mistake and went to mark 2, before we realised that mark 1 was somewhere else. The wind was 0. When we were at mark 1, it begun to blow about 1, but it stopped again at mark 3. We went without wind to mark 1 again , and when we were half way to mark 3, the committee decided to shorten the race , and the wind changed direction about 180 degrees. In this race, Antoni Pawlowski(POL 31) led from start to finish.

21 August

Race 3

This day, the meteo predicted stronger winds. When we approached the start line, it began to blow 3 to 4. Race 3 was generally the best race , wind 3-4 wasn't too strong, and not too weak. Winner was Antoni Pawlowski.

Just after this race it began to blow 5-6 and when we got down to the start, we realised the wind had become 6-7. The committee decided to postpone race 4 to the next day.

22 August

Race 4

This day the wind was 5-6, with gusts upto 7. The committee decided to have the race on a smaller part of the lake, near the port, but only 25-30 sailors started. During the complete race the wind was strong and we had lot of fun. One more thing which was unusual was that we had no waves, because we were racing on lake. The winner was Antoni.

Race 5

Race 5 was similar to race 4. The wind was strong, we had a lot of fun, and the winner was Antoni. I didn't finish this race because I destroyed my sail, and Pawel Kromski destroyed his mast. This things happened while we were racing, not because of a capsize.

23 August

Race 6

This day wind was the same as the day before, and we were racing on the smaller part of the lake. The finish line was 20 meters from the port. Antoni Pawlowski and Boguslaw Moczorodynski said that they wouldn't go out because of the strong wind. They knew that they had won the event. There was strong competition between Marian Jankowski and Slawomir Blaszka for third place, but eventually Slawomir broke his boom vang, while running, and couldn't finish. Jaroslaw Wojewski won the race.

Except for the second race, when there was no wind, I believe this event was very good.

1Pawlowski Antoni31Poznan21111DNC6
2Moczorodynski Boguslaw6Poznan12322DNC10
3Jankowski Marian45Poznan320893528
4Kromski Pawel2655Mewa121143DNF636
5Szmyt Mariusz38Kiekrz14131055336
6Myszkowski Sandro75Poznan4614169437
7Wojewski Jaroslaw22Charzykowy17OCS7104139
8Roman Maciej116Czarna111967DNF245
9Janikowski Grzegorz672Chojnice16312DNF12750
10Jeske Filip46SZS7101715111255
11Kotwicki Igor468AZS342313136964
12Jurkiewicz Jakub4Warszawa6251112DNF1064
13Blaszka Slawomir161Kiekrz8824DNFDNF76
14Karczewski Michal624TRAMP9362618131581
15Pikula Tomasz250Wolsztyn20212921151693
16Szmyt Piotr23Kiekrz273132171414103
17Angielczyk Maciej189Poznan251437DNF1613105
18Blocinski Tomasz35Czarna3929216DNF11106
19Poplonyk Mieczyslaw131Poznan3549DSQ7DNC109
20Nowaczyk Maciej58Poznan47415DNF88109
21Binkowski Slawomir683Wl�kniarz10DNF251110DNF110
22Grzesiek Wojciech190SZS1872820DNFDNF127
23Bondarczuk Krzysztof3Warszawa22221914DNFDNF131
24Jablonski Miroslaw34Poznan2333208DNFDNC138
25Jarocki Marek141Poznan51516DNFDNFDNC144
26Szmyt Maciej1161Kiekrz311227DNCRDGDNC147,3
27Kania Jakub523Kiekrz19518DNFDNFDNC150
28Boreczek Tomasz67Tur�w132424DNCDNCDNC169
29Szulc Marcin52Charzykowy211823DNFDNSDNC170
30Witt Rafal16Poznan41915DNFDNFDNC173
31Carette Norbert680Poznan301733DNCDNCDNC188
32Jankowski Andrzej408Wl�kniarz263231DNCDNCDNC197
33Jankowiak Tomasz570Wolsztyn292836DNCDNCDNC201
34Wo�ny Marcin607Wolsztyn43DSQ3419DNFDNC204
35Karczewski Jacek69TRAMP1530DNFDNSDNCDNS207
36Lewandowski Slawomir581Charzykowy243738DNFDNCDNC207
37Mazur Wojciech453Mewa3316DNFDNCDNCDNC211
38Jurkiewicz Zbigniew5Warszawa463522DNFDNFDNC211
39Jadkowski Jacek499Orl�2827DNFDNFDNFDNC217
40Kusznierewicz Zbigniew17Warszawa324535DNCDNCDNC220
41Sterkowicz Tomasz9Tur�w424330DNCDNCDNC223
42�olnierkiewicz Lukasz325Klub3626DNFDNCDNCDNC224
43Basinski Bartosz25Klub404039DNSDNCDNC227
44Zielonka Wojciech634Kiekrz453841DNCDNCDNC232
45�liwa Lukasz91Mr�gowo3834DNFDNCDNCDNC234
46Prokopowicz Grzegorz41Mr�gowo3739DNFDNCDNCDNC238
47Kledzik Marcin14Poznan4444DNFDNCDNCDNC250
48Jankowiak Marek649Wolsztyn51DNF40DNCDNCDNC253
49Jidrzejewski Konrad24TRAMP5342DNFDNCDNCDNC257
50Solecki Pawel3935246DNFDNFDNCDNC260
51Woüny Maciej641Wolsztyn48DNFDNFDNCDNCDNC264
52Mrugalski Lukasz164Wolsztyn49DNFDNFDNCDNCDNC265
53Kromski Piotr56Wolsztyn50DNFDNFDNCDNCDNC266