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Switzerland, Ski Yachting 1999

Flums, 14-15 February

The Swiss Ski yachting part 1 took place in Flums on 13./14. February. Two giantslalom-runs had to be mastered. For prizegiving the results of the skiing-part will be combined with the results of the Davos regatta taking place in August.

1Rolf EichenbergerSUI 6442.
2Heinz LüscherSUI 5545.545.21.30.7
3Ruedi MeierSUI 6046.546.71.33.2
4Peter HolzwarthGER 70548.548.11.36.6
5Matthias Ullrich48.548.41.36.9
6Rene WaldmeierSUI 6249.448.61.38.0
7Michael BachmannSUI 6649.850.21.40.0
8Rita Jost50.751.01.41.7
9Joachim UllrichGER 6351.451.31.42.7
10Raphael Meier51.
11Klaus Abele1.46.6
12Dirk ErnstGER 7061.49.8
13Dorothe Fauth1.54.4
14Marion RückGER 5591.55.8
15Nadia Lüscher1.55.9
16Christoph Meier1.59.2
17Michael Holzwarth2.03.3
18Eike Rehm2.07.2
19Roman Lüscher2.08.7
20Kirstin BrandGER 6372.12.6
21Andrea Kachelriss2.18.2